The Invitation | Dashworthy

I recently stumbled upon this beautiful poem, The Invitation. You may have heard an excerpt from it before.

It’s a beautiful reminder that there is more to each of us than our day job. Chances are you know this already, which is why you’re here with me.

I hope you’ll enjoy these beautiful and inspiring words!
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Sometimes simple is just perfect. In yoga, you just have to show up.

Every time you come to your mat is different. Even if you were to do the same asana (physical practice) YOU would be different.

We continue to grow and evolve in our practice. Each time taking it to our own personal edge.
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Dashworthy-Riced Cauliflower

Could you use more vegetables in your diet?

Here’s a delicious spin on a class: Riced cauliflower.

Enjoye alone, as a side or even a topping, this will soon be your favorite new meal addition! The nice, mellow flavor of the cauliflower can be livened up with your favorite spices.
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