#BikiniYogaChallenge Week 3: Wild Thing featuring Trina Turk

#BikiniYogaChallenge Week 3: Wild Thing featuring Trina Turk

Week three of the #BikiniYogaChallenge is wild thing pose. Share your pose by Saturday, June 18 for the chance to win this beautiful suit by Trina Turk.

Please note: You are welcome, but not required, to wear a swimsuit in your own photo. You are entering to win a swimsuit, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear one if you prefer to post a photo in other comfy yoga clothing. 🙂

The #BikiniYogaChallenge runs through July 23. Each week is a new chance to post your asana for the chance to win that week’s bikini.

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#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 3: Wild Thing

Sanskrit name: Camatkarasana

How-to Do Wild Thing Pose

  1. Start in downward facing dog. Lift your right leg into three-legged dog, spread through the toes and press out through the heel.
  2. Shift forward into plank pose, keep right leg lifted and engaged. Rotate into side plank, anchoring into the outer edge of your left foot.
  3. Lift your right hand toward the sky, reaching out through the fingertips. Gaze toward your fingers.
  4. Press into the ball of your right foot and allow your pelvis to lift upward, letting the head and neck relax toward the back body.
  5. Release the pose by gazing back down toward the ground. Press into the outer edge of your left foot. Rotate your right shoulder and hip down toward the earth and release your right hand to the floor, returning to plank. Rest in child’s pose. Repeat on other side.


  • Opens the chest and shoulders.
  • Opens front of legs and hip flexors.
  • Strengthens shoulders and upper back.

How-to Enter the #BikiniYogaChallenge for the Chance to Win this Bikini!

  1. Share a photo or video of your wild thing in social media using #BikiniYogaChallenge by Saturday, June 18 at 5 p.m. PST.
  2. Follow and tag @Dashworthy and this week’s stunning swimsuit sponsor @TrinaTurk.
  3. Tag a few yogi friends to join the fun!

The winner is announced Sunday, June 19 when the next yoga pose challenge is posted.

About this Week’s Sponsor: Trina Turk

Dashworthy x Trina Turk
Dashworthy x Trina Turk
Dashworthy x Trina Turk

A genuine California local, Trina Turk is inspired by the Golden State’s multicultural mix, creativity, craftsmanship, architecture, and landscape–a synergy that permeates her contemporary, colorful aesthetic. Infused with bold signature prints and dynamic hues unique to each collection, Trina’s modern and optimistic outlook meld the best of classic American design with a California confidence.

You will just love their fun bright prints in swim and activewear.

*Please note: If the same swim style is not available another suit will be provided by the sponsor.

I can’t wait to see you yogis get wild this week in the #BikiniYogaChallenge!

In love & light,

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