Channel Your Inner Mermaid in the Final Week of the #BikiniYogaChallenge

Channel Your Inner Mermaid in the Final Week of the #BikiniYogaChallenge

This week in #BikiniYogaChallenge we’re taking pigeon pose to the next level in mermaid pose. We tend to hold a lot of tension in our hips. Surrender in this deep hip opener.

Share your version of mermaid pose using #BikiniYogaChallenge by Saturday, July 24 for the chance to win this fun mermaid-worthy, handmade suit by Naunet Swim. Plus, this week is the final grand prize giveaway yoga mat from La Vie Boheme Yoga!

I loved seeing your pigeon poses last week and can’t wait to see your mermaid this week!

Remember wearing a swimsuit in your photo is optional. This is the final week of the giveaway!

For full giveaway details, please visit: #BikiniYogaChallenge weekly giveaway.

#Dashworthyyogachallenge Final Week 8: Mermaid Pose

Sanskrit name: variation of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

How-to Do Mermaid Pose:

  • Start in downward facing down. Keep your shoulders and hips square to the front of the mat. Inhale, lift your right leg to the sky behind you. Exhale bring the leg to the front of your mat, sliding your knee behind the right wrist, ankle behind your left hand.
  • Slide your left leg straight back, bringing the quad to squarely face the floor so it’s in a neutral position, avoiding external rotation.
  • Inhale, sit up straight, find length through the crown of your head. Look over your left shoulder. Reach back and grab your foot with your left hand. If this is intense enough, stay here. Otherwise, begin a slow bend in your left elbow to draw the foot in closer toward your body.
  • Keep the elbow bend and slide your left foot into the crook of your elbow. Engage your core by lifting through your belly and chest so you can lift your right hand up without rocking forward. Reach the right hand back to clasp the left. Lift your clasped arms up above your head then lightly let them slide behind your skull so your right elbow points straight up.
  • Take eight breaths then release your clasp and fold back into your single pigeon to release your back. Repeat on the other side.


  • Increases external range of motion of femur in hip socket.
  • Lengthens hip flexors.
  • Prepares body for backbends.

How-to Enter the #Bikiniyogachallenge for the Chance to Win This Bikini AND Yoga Mat

  • Share a photo or video of your mermaid pose in social media using #BikiniYogaChallenge by Saturday, July 23 at 5 p.m. PST.
  • Follow and tag @Dashworthy and this week’s gorgeous swimsuit sponsor @naunetswim and beautiful monarch yoga mat sponsor @laviebohemeyoga.
  • Tag a few yogi friends to join the fun!

The grand prize winner is announced Sunday, July 24!

About This Week’s Sponsors: Naunet Swim and La Vie Boheme Yoga

I’m excited to introduce the final grand prize giveaway package featuring a beautiful Naunet swimsuit and gorgeous yoga mat from La Via Boheme.

About Naunet Swim

Naunet Swim
Naunet Swim x Dashworthy Yoga with Heather Gjerde

Naunet Swim is an independent swimwear line of very detailed, high quality, effortless and sexy suits handmade in Peru by Daniela Estrada. Designs are inspired by her love of the beach and ocean.

I love the fit and style so much! Learn more about Naunet here:

About La Vie Boheme

La Vie Boheme x Dashworthy
La Vie Boheme (LVB) founders first met in my home city, San Diego, CA! The two quickly bonded over yoga and their similar beachy bohemian style.

Their products are intricately designed with the utmost attention to detail. Check out their wanderlust-worthy products here:

Congratulations to #BikiniYogaChallenge Week 7 Winner: Jessica

A photo posted by Jessica (@astronaut_jesss) on

The winner of the Helen Jon swimsuit from last week’s pigeon pose, Jess (@astronaut_jesss)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has joined so far. I have loved seeing your summery yoga posts!

I can’t wait to see your mermaid pose in the last week of the #BikiniYogaChallenge.

In love & light,

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