#DashworthyYogaChallenge Final Week 10: Crow Pose

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Final Week 10: Crow Pose

It’s hard to believe this is the final week of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge! A massive thank you to everyone that shared their beautiful practice over the last nine weeks. The final yoga asana of the challenge is one of my personal favorite poses: crow pose – bakasana.

Share your crow photo or video in social media using #DashworthyYogaChallenge by Saturday, May 14 for the chance to win this gorgeous yoga outfit by Onzie! Be sure to follow and tag @Dashworthy and @Onzie, too.

Yoga Teacher Training Update

This is the last week leading up to our “finals” next week! What an incredible journey it has been. It has been an incredible transformation, both physically and mentally.

On Tuesday we take our written test, which means a lot of notecards and study sessions this weekend! Then next Saturday we have our teaching practicum. We have been practice teaching the Bird Rock Vinyasa flow for quite some time, so I’m feeling fairly confident in what I will be teaching next weekend.

Wish me luck as I complete the yoga teaching certification next week! I have some exciting things planned for this summer and beyond that I can’t wait to tell you about.

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 10: Crow Pose

This is one of my favorite challenging poses and the first arm balance I was able to complete myself. I hope you have fun shifting into crow pose and if at first you don’t hold it, keep trying! You will get it.
Sanskrit Name: Bakasana.

Crow Pose Instructions

  1. There are several approaches to getting into crow pose. I find one of the easiest ways into it is from forward fold. Start in uttanasana. Plant your palms in front of you about hip width distance apart, fingers spread wide apart.
  2. Lift your hips and place your knees close to each arm pit. Bend your elbows, raise the heels off the floor, and shift the trunk forward to rest your shins on the back of your triceps.
  3. Heels lift up toward the sitting bones. Heart comes forward, chest is lifted.
  4. Heart comes forward, chest is lifted. Gaze is a few inches in front of you. Keep your abdominals engaged.
  5. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Lightly step or shoot back through your Vinyasa.


  • Strengthens the arms and wrists.
  • Stretches the upper back.
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • Opens the groins.

Beginner’s Tip:

  • Try setting a block underneath your feet to help lift the hips in order to make it easier to set your knees into your armpits. Afraid to shift your weight forward and land on your face? Try setting a block underneath your forehead as you take turns lifting each leg to set onto your triceps.

Crow Pose Yoga Video Tutorial

How-to Enter the #DashworthyYogaChallenge for the Chance to Win!

For full challenge details, visit Dashworthy.com/Challenge.

Next: Share a photo or video of crow pose in social media using #DashworthyYogaChallenge, tagging @Dashworthy and this week’s gorgeous sponsor @Onzie.

The final winner will be announced Sunday, May 15! Then stay tuned as I will be announcing another exciting challenge that kicks off in a few weeks (#hint: it will be a BikiniYogaChallenge).

About this Week’s Sponsor: Onzie [Own-Zee)

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Announcing the #DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 9 Winner: Aleigh

A photo posted by Aleigh A. (@aleighgirl77) on

Congratulations, Aleigh (@aleighgirl77)! Thank you for sharing your beautiful camel pose last week. You’re the lucky winner for week nine of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge and the beautiful outfit from Yogasmoga!

Thank you for sharing your stunning camel poses with us last week. I can’t wait to see your crow pose!

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