#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 2 – Cow Pose

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 2 – Cow Pose

I’m into week two of my yoga teacher training at Bird Rock Yoga in San Diego, Calif. The course has been challenging, eye opening and so much fun! So far we’ve learned the integration series of our Vinyasa flow and sun salutation A. I love seeing it all come together!

I’m also practicing yoga every chance I get in the studio and loving every minute of it. This is a big part of my 200-hour yoga teacher training and equals out to about five classes a week. Yew!

I’m excited to introduce the second yoga pose of the challenge. It’s another basic asana that is worth taking a fresh look at: cow pose – bitilasana.

As you may know, I’m also from Wisconsin so I thought it would be fun to pay homage to the dairy state (moooo). 😉

Yoga Challenge Week 2 Pose: Cow Pose – Bitilasana

Bitilasana is a beautiful yoga pose that stretches open your front torso and neck. This can be a great pose to include in the beginning of your yoga flow, as it will warm you up for deeper back bends. Since cow pose is most often paired with the complementary cat pose, I’ve included a cat/cow video tutorial below.

Let’s start with a deeper look at this week’s #DashworthyYogaChallenge asana, cow pose.

Cow Pose Instructions:

Sanskrit Name: Bitilasana

  1. Start on hands and knees with a neutral spine in your table top position. Stack your shoulders above your wrists, hips above your ankles. Your neck is strong with the crown of your head pointed toward the front of the room. Gaze is slightly in front of your mat on the floor.
  2. On the inhale, lift your sittings bones and chest up toward the ceiling, letting your belly sink toward the floor. Move from your upper middle back, being careful not to shift your shoulder or hip placement. Lift your head slightly, gazing forward.
  3. Exhale, returning to a neutral table top position.


  • Stretches the front of your torso and opens your neck.
  • Provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs.

Beginner’s Tip

Broaden across your shoulders, drawing your shoulder blades down the top of your back and away from your ears to protect your neck.

Cat – Cow Combination Video Tutorial:

This pose is most often done in tandem with cat pose.

On the inhale, open your shoulders and drop your belly for cow pose. Exhale, arch your back up and pull your bellybutton in for cat pose. Return to a neutral table top.

Repeat twice more and return to table top position.

How-to Enter the #DashworthyYogaChallenge for the Chance to Win!

Snap a yoga selfie in cow pose, or a video doing cat/cow and share it in social media using #DashworthyYogaChallenge, tagging @Dashworthy and this week’s outfit sponsor @synergyclothing.

The winner will be announced Sunday when the next week’s challenge is posted. Share your cow pose by Saturday, March 19 by 5 p.m. PST for the chance to win.

Best of luck, yogis! For full challenge details, visit Dashworthy.com/challenge.

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Announcing the #DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 1 Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the week one challenge pose, downward-facing dog: Sonia Santiago (@lilsonia_1) who entered the challenge on Instagram! Sonia was selected randomly out of more than 100 entries. Great job on week one everyone!

I really loved seeing everyone’s unique expression of the pose. There were more than 100 beautiful and unique downward-facing dog poses floating around Instagram last week. I saw yogis in everything from swimsuits to snowsuits – and it was beautiful! I can’t want to see your photos for the next nine weeks of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge. Remember, every week is another chance to win!

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