#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 9: Camel Pose

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 9: Camel Pose

Week nine of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge is camel pose – ustrasana. It’s hard to believe there are just two weeks left of the inaugural yoga challenge!

I am just amazed by the 1,000+ gorgeous yoga photos and videos I have seen over the last eight weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful practice with our community and for being my teacher.

I can’t wait to see your camel pose this week. Share a photo or video in social media using #DashworthyYogaChallenge by Saturday, May 7 for the chance to win this beautiful yoga outfit by Yogasmoga! Don’t forget to follow and tag @Dashworthy & @Yogasmoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Update

I am SO sore after this week (in a good way!). It was definitely my most intensive week of yoga practice and I pushed myself in ways I hadn’t done yet in the training.

After four days in a row of Vinyasa practice, I stepped onto the mat for a two hour inversion workshop. This is the area of my practice where I have the most room for growth. I am finally feeling comfortable in my headstand, but have a ways to go in my handstand (stay tuned!).

Let’s just say my wrists and shoulders are feeling it today, but that’s how I will grow. One of my favorite takeaways from the workshop was the “L” shape up the wall in my handstand, to build strength and muscle memory over time until I’m ready to stand tall on my hands.

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 9: Camel Pose

Week nine of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge is camel pose. This is one of my all-time favorite back bends!

Sanskrit Name: Ustrasana.

Camel Pose Instructions

  1. Start kneeling on the floor with your knees hip width distance apart, thighs perpendicular to the floor. Rotate your thighs inward slightly, keeping your outer hips soft. Press your shins and tops of your feet firmly into the floor.
  2. Rest your hands on your sacrum with your fingers pointing down. Use your hands to lengthen down through your tail bone. Lightly tilt the tail bone forward toward the pubis while pressing your front thighs back.
  3. Inhale and lift your heart and chest by pressing your shoulder blades against your back ribs. Lean back while maintaining the firmness of the tailbone and shoulder blades. If you are comfortable here, place your hands on the same-side back heel. The palms should be on the heel with the fingertips pointing toward the toes.
  4. Press your thighs back to perpendicular. Bring your torso to neutral. Bring the lower ribs in and up to avoid compressing the lower back. Engage your core.
  5. Turn the arms externally to bring the elbow creases to face forward. Maintain a neutral neck or drop it back softly.
  6. Stay here for up to a minute. To exit, bring your hands to your hips. Inhale, lift the head and upper body, pressing down from the hips. Sink back into child’s pose and rest here.


  • Stretches the front body, ankles, thighs & groins.
  • Strengthens the back. Improves posture.
  • Stretches the deep hip flexors.

Beginner’s Tip:

  • Turn your toes under to bring up your heels. This will help decompress the back. Use blocks if you can’t reach your heels without straining your neck or back.

Camel Pose Video Tutorial

How-to Enter the #DashworthyYogaChallenge for the Chance to Win!

For full challenge details, visit Dashworthy.com/challenge.

Next: Share a photo or video of camel pose in social media by Saturday May 7 at 5 p.m. PST using #DashworthyYogaChallenge. Follow and tag @Dashworthy and this week’s gorgeous sponsor @Yogasmoga.

The winner will be announced Sunday, May 8 when the next week’s challenge is posted. Best of luck, yogis!

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Announcing the #DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 8 Winner: Kayleigh

A photo posted by kaybiotic (@kaybiotic) on

Congratulations, Kayleigh (@kaybiotic)!

You’re the lucky winner for week eight of the #DashworthyYogaChallenge and the beautiful outfit from One Tribe Apparel and Balini!

Thank you for sharing your strong eagle pose with us last week. I can’t wait to see your camel!

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