Why It’s Important to De-stress Your Body and Mind

Why It’s Important to De-stress Your Body and Mind

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by stress during the week. That’s why it’s important to have some fun when you’re off the clock and also to take proactive measures for your health.

I like to include a lot of play and movement to break up the stress that has weighed in on my body over the work week. Since I primarily work at a desk on my computer, tension builds around my back and shoulders.

Yoga is my favorite way to unwind.

It’s not only a refresh for the body but also for the mind. Through practice, I’m able to calm the mind while slowing down my breath and stretching out all of the kinks from the week.

I also love taking my dog Izzie for walks. Our longs walks to the beach are great exercise for her, too! Regardless of what else you do during your time off be sure to take some time for your health and well being.

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