3 Step DIY Denim Cutoffs

3 Step DIY Denim Cutoffs

This post was created out of pure necessity: It was near impossible to find the perfect pair of denim cut-off shorts.

So, we decided to make a pair! Not only did it save some cash but the jeans fit perfect since they were already nice and worn in.

How-to Make the Perfect Pair of DIY Cut-off Jean Shorts in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose a nice broken-in pair of jeans. It’s okay if they’re a little loose or ragged, the more weathered the better! The pair we chose for this step-by-step happened to have a stain on one of the shins. It worked out perfectly that we cut the bottoms off. Cutoff Tutorial Jean Selection
  2. Decide on the length you would like your shorts. Either use a measuring tape or use another pair of fitting jean shorts out of your closet. If using another pair of shorts, hold them up to the pair you’re cutting for guidance. We recommend going a half inch longer to allow for additional material to fray. Jean Cutoff Select Your Length
  3. Now for the fun part: The fraying. First, decide how long you want the frayed bottoms to be. We went about half an inch up from the cut. Carefully, take a serrated steak knife and loosely scrape it down toward the cut edge. Do this until you notice the material starting to break away, leaving the lengthwise strings. Don’t tug on the material too aggressively, or you will loose the strings all together.Cutoff Tutorials Frays

Voila! You now have your own, unique pair of custom denim cut-offs and they didn’t cost you a thing. Feel free to add more fraying, studs, bleach or even patches to make them your own.

Our final product:

Final-Cuttoffs-FrontDIY Cutoffs Back

Making your own cutoffs at home?

We would love to see your progress! Tag #Dashworthy on Instagram for the chance to be featured on the @Dashworthy account.

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