Get Energized with this 30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Get Energized with this 30 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Skip the drive to the studio by doing this energizing 30 minute yoga flow in the comfort of your own home!

I love how yoga can be done just about anywhere you have space for your mat. I too started doing yoga at home, with my trusty Rodney Yee DVD. It makes the practice so much more accessible than if you can only practice in person at a studio or outdoor class.

This 30 minute flow will start to open your hips and shoulders and wake you up for the rest of the day. If you get a slump mid-day, this is a great sequence to wake you up out of it!

The Challenge of Beach Yoga

As you can see the inversion and arm balances were pretty tricky in the sand. This is partially why I limit my practice on the beach. While it can be serene to practice near the ocean, the sand adds an extra challenge that can compromises the integrity of the poses.

Rather than focusing on the yoga poses themselves, you are also dealing with the challenge of balancing in shifting sand. For this reason, I prefer to teach yoga in grassy areas near the water so you can still have the environment without the challenge of a moving base.

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