How Do You Spend Sunday?

How Do You Spend Sunday?

Chances are you’ve been working hard all week and your mind and body are exhausted. It’s okay to completely take a full day off to relax and recharge.

Throughout the week it’s easy to get overwhelmed by work and daily responsibilities. Your body is most likely feeling the stress as well.

Oftentimes, to compensate, we pack our weekends full of “fun” activities. Saturday and Sunday become stacked with social commitments. Sometimes, you’re participating in events just to show your face.

You’re not showing up for yourself when all you do is overextend in order to satisfy others’ expectations. It’s essential to take some time to give back to your own health and well being.

Next weekend, try to keep at least Sunday free. Roll with the punches of the weekend and see how relaxed you feel! Refrain from setting the alarm and wake up feeling refreshed. In this restful state, consider what would make you happiest in that moment.

Is it taking your dog for a longer-than-usual walk? Or maybe it’s getting back to reading that book you set aside. Whatever it is, follow your heart and do something that makes you happy in that moment. Because when you’re doing something that makes you happy, it’s never wasted time.

If there’s something that you know will release tension in your body, like running or yoga, get outside and move! Our favorite weekend activity is to take a relaxing bike ride down to the ocean for a long, meditative outdoor yoga session.

Relax in the fact that it’s perfectly okay to take a day off.

Here’s to less stressful Sundays!

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