5 Ways to Refresh Your Outlook for the New Season

5 Ways to Refresh Your Outlook for the New Season

Every few months, Mother Nature gives us the chance to shake up our routine.

Back in the Midwest, a drastic change in weather – falling leaves and rapidly dropping temps – really made it feel like change was in the air.

Now that I’m in San Diego, the shift in weather isn’t as drastic, but there’s still a sense of change in the air.

Wherever you are, a change in seasons can be as much a mental shift as a physical one. Here are some tips to help you start the season right.

5 Ways to Start the New Season with a Fresh Outlook:

  1. Let go of something that’s been weighing you down. Either escalate the issue and deal with it appropriately or carry on.
  2. Contact a friend or family member that you haven’t spoke with in awhile. Don’t worry about how long it has been. Life gets busy. It’s better to catch up now than not at all!  Located in drastically different time zones? Write an old fashioned letter (yes, you’ll need a stamp).
  3. Choose an in-season outdoor activity to reconnect with nature. Go apple picking or pick out and carve pumpkins this season. Feeling feisty? Sneak a splash of cinnamon schnapps into your cider.
  4. Check back in with yourself. How are you feeling physically and mentally? Knowing you may be inside more, consider ways to include physical activity in your fall and winter routines. Yoga is an excellent indoor activity that can keep you flexible and toned throughout any season.
  5. Discover a new interest. When was the last time you did something simply because you wanted to, not because you had an obligation to do it? Have some fun and join an intramural sport, take up knitting or join a Meetup group for ukulele beginners.

What are you looking forward to most next season?

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