Plexus Yoga Wheel Giveaway

Plexus Yoga Wheel Giveaway

I’m excited to announce a collaboration with Plexus Yoga Wheel and the chance to win a $25 gift card toward their beautiful wheels!

You may have seen my recent yoga wheel review. This is my favorite new yoga prop!

How-to Enter to Win a $25 Plexus Yoga Wheel Gift Card (Instagram Giveaway):

1. Follow @PlexusYogaWheel and @Dashworthy on Instagram.

2. Tag two yogi friends on the following Instagram post:

3. Repost this flyer on Instagram, hashtag the post with #DashworthyxPlexusGiveaway, tag @Dashworthy and @PlexusYogaWheel:

Deadline to enter is August 14. Winner is announced August 15. Gift card may be used toward one of their many beautiful wheels (micro wheel pictured).

Yoga Poses to Try with the Micro Yoga Wheel

Side Plank | Dashworthy x Plexus
Side Plank: Rest your bottom hand on top of the micro wheel for an added challenge (as if this pose wasn’t hard enough already!).

High Lunge |  Dashworthy x Plexus
High Crescent Lunge: Roll the top of your back foot over the wheel as you lunge deeply into your front leg.

Plank Pose | Dashworthy x Plexus
Plank Pose: Bring the tops of your feet onto the roll, engage your core by pulling your belly button in and up. Press into your 10 finger tips firmly. Bring your shoulder blades down your back and away from your ears.

Plank Pose with a Crunch | Dashworthy x Plexus
Plank Pose with a Crunch: Bring your knee to your tricep for an added core challenge.

Best of luck yogis!

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