Sky Diving in San Diego with Pacific Coast Skydiving

Sky Diving in San Diego with Pacific Coast Skydiving

I’ve always dreamt of going sky diving. I love flying and seeing the Earth down below. What better way to honor that experience than jumping out of a plane and gently gliding to the ground?

Where It All Started

I discovered that my mom wanted to go sky diving about a year ago while I was home visiting my family during the fall. She mentioned it was also on her bucket list. I knew we had to go together for the ultimate mother-daughter experience! I convinced her to wait and go sky diving in California where we could enjoy ocean and mountain views.

This October marked my three year anniversary in San Diego and my parents’ first trip together to come visit me. My mother had been to San Diego twice before. First, she drove cross-country with me when I first moved. Then, she came back about a year later once I was settled in.

My parents trip out together was the perfect opportunity to book the once-in-a-lifetime experience! While my mom and I were gearing up to jump out of a plane, my father got to check something off his own bucket list: golfing at Torrey Pines Golf Course. It was an amazing day for all of us!

The Sky Dive in San Diego

I did my research before deciding on a sky dive company. I knew this could potentially be both of our first and only sky dive experiences, so I wanted it to be good. Thanks to Yelp, I discovered Pacific Coast Skydiving.

After reading their reviews, watching videos of their jumps, comparing prices and talking with their extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff – I knew that was where we should jump. They were about the same price as competitors and the experience was unbeatable.

Their location is super laid back and the instructors for the tandem jump made us feel extremely comfortable. Chris, who I jumped with, mentioned that he had 17 years of experience and assured me we were safer jumping out of a plane than going down in one.

The best part? My mom and I, plus our tandem instructors and the pilot, took our own small plane up. It was so personal and perfect for the incredible experience together.

We took off in the plane with the sliding window/door open, admiring the open air and scenery of South Bay (San Diego). As we made our way over to the Pacific Ocean, admiring the views, the pilot tipped the plane so the open window was directly facing the water. Whew! I definitely thought we were going to fall out; luckily we didn’t (quite yet).

Next we made our way inland to the area where we were going to jump. I knew I couldn’t watch my mother go and expect to jump after her, so I went first. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous/excited!

Without looking down, I swung my legs over the side of the plane with my tandem instructor strapped in behind me and before I knew it we were tumbling wildly in the air at 120 mph. What a rush!

Air is blowing all around you and It’s hard to make out which way is up and which way is down at first. Once you steady out and continue free falling you can begin to see the blur of the earth below you.

After about 45 seconds you come to a halt in the sky as your parachute opens. No noise. No fear. Just silence and smooth sailing. It’s one of the most incredible experiences to be flying in the air, knowing you just jumped out of an airplane (and survived!).

As I was floating, catching my breath, my mom and her instructor glided over in the sky. For some reason I didn’t think we would be able to see each other during the jump so that was a major bonus! We were even able to talk to each other.

After spinning away from her for the landing, we gently made our way to the ground ever-so swiftly. I had no idea how easy it would be! I was imagining us skidding and tumbling our way to the ground. Luckily it was extremely light and easy.

We decided to get videos before taking off, so each of our instructors had a camera strapped to their wrist during the jump, documenting it along the way. Once we made our way back to Brown Field where we took off, we just had to wait 15 minutes for the video editing and we were on our way!

We could pick any three songs we wanted for the video. I was very happy with the filming and edits.

Here’s the Full Video of my Sky Dive:

Sky Diving in San Diego was Amazing

All in all, Pacific Coast Skydiving did not disappoint! I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sky dive in San Diego, especially if you’re looking for a special experience with just one other person.

I’m so happy I finally faced my fears and went sky diving. It was the most incredible, freeing experience of my life. All of the worries I had before the jump – crashing, my parachute not opening up, stumbling on the landing, you name it – were gone. I was left with an immense feeling of peace and nirvana.

Will I go sky diving again? Perhaps in another environment. For now I’m blissfully happy with the experience my mom and I were lucky enough to have together.

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