Stop and Smell the Flowers

Stop and Smell the Flowers

When is the last time you literally stopped to smell a beautiful flower?

It’s a simple pleasure in life to be able to breathe in such a magnificent scent.

The smell of a rose fills me with so much bliss. It brings me back to childhood and a pink rose bush from my parents’ backyard.

It was still rooted there until recently when they replaced it with a purple butterfly bush. It seems an appropriate substitute. Now, my parents are not only blessed with stunning flowers but also beautiful fluttering butterflies.

It’s easy to rush through life, moving so quickly that we rarely stop to enjoy the moments we’re in.

Why does it practically feel embarrassing to stop in public, in a grocery store or elsewhere, in order to smell a lovely bouquet or bunch of flowers?

While walking the Dashworthy dog (Izzie), it almost seems out of place to pause on the sidewalk in order to take a break and enjoy the aroma of a freshly bloomed rose. On daily walks along the same path it’s rare to notice anyone else stopped in the same spot enjoying the natural blessing.

#DashworthyDare: Next time you pass a fully bloomed rose or eye-catching orchid, stop whatever you are doing and smell it. Close your eyes and breathe it in deeply. Bask in the luscious scent.

Appreciate that moment with nature. Then smile and walk away, knowing you stopped and experienced something beautiful.

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A favorite neighborhood rose patch (they smell even better than they look!):



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