Wind it Down with #BikiniYogaChallenge Week 7: Pigeon Pose ft. Helen Jon

Wind it Down with #BikiniYogaChallenge Week 7: Pigeon Pose ft. Helen Jon

This week in #BikiniYogaChallenge we’re cooling down a bit in pigeon pose. We tend to hold a lot of tension in our hips. See if you can surrender in this deep hip opener.

Share your version of pigeon pose using #BikiniYogaChallenge by Saturday, July 16 for the chance to win this fun boho print, designer swimsuit by Helen Jon!

I loved seeing your boat poses last week and can’t wait to see your version of pigeon this week!

Remember wearing a swimsuit in your photo is optional. 😉 There are just two weeks left of the #BikiniYogaChallenge to enter to win a weekly bikini now through July 23.

For full giveaway details, please visit: #BikiniYogaChallenge weekly giveaway.

#DashworthyYogaChallenge Week 7: Pigeon Pose

Sanskrit name: variation of the advanced pose, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

How to Do Pigeon Pose:

  1. Start in downward facing down. Keep your shoulders and hips square to the front of the mat. Inhale, lift your right leg to the sky behind you. Exhale bring the leg to the front of your mat, sliding your knee behind the right wrist, ankle behind your left hand.
  2. Slide your left leg straight back, bringing the quad to squarely face the floor so it’s in a neutral position, avoiding external rotation.
  3. Inhale, sit up straight, find length through the crown of your head. Exhale fold forward over your front leg. Start on forearms, working toward bringing your forehead to the mat. Rest here for 8-10 breaths.
  4. Walk the hands back in. Plant the palms, curl the back toes under. Inhale, lift the right leg back up to the sky. Shake it out gently if needed. Repeat on the left.


  • Increases external range of motion of femur in hip socket.
  • Lengthens hip flexors.
  • Prepares body for backbends.

How-to Enter the #BikiniYogaChallenge for the Chance to Win this Bikini!

  1. Share a photo or video of your boat pose in social media using #BikiniYogaChallenge by Saturday, July 16 at 5 p.m. PST.
  2. Follow and tag @Dashworthy and this week’s beautiful swimsuit sponsor @helen.jon.
  3. Tag a few yogi friends to join the fun!

The winner is announced Sunday, July 17 when the next yoga pose challenge is posted.

About this Week’s Sponsor: Helen Jon

Dashworthy Yoga with Heather Gjerde x Helen Jon
Dashworthy Yoga with Heather Gjerde x Helen Jon
Helen Jon features classic styles inspired by world adventure. I love the simplicity of their line!

Meet Helen Jon:

Congratulations to #BikiniYogaChallenge Week 6 Winner: Phyllicia

The winner of the PilyQ swimsuit from last week’s boat pose is Phyllicia (@phyllicia.victoria

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who joined. Only two weeks left to enter for your chance to win!

I can’t wait to see your pigeon pose this week in the #BikiniYogaChallenge.

In love & light,

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