Wisconsin 35-Minute Yoga Flow for Stress Relief and Flexibility

Wisconsin 35-Minute Yoga Flow for Stress Relief and Flexibility

This is a special Vinyasa yoga flow filmed in the backyard of my childhood home in Wisconsin. Summer is my favorite time of the year back in the Midwest, when the days are long and grass is green.

Practicing yoga in my parents’ backyard was exactly what I needed to get grounded during my trip back home. My grandparents live just across the way. It’s a beautiful, comfortable place I hold very dear to my heart.

Finding Peace in My Practice

Finding Peace in Yoga Practice | Dashworthy Yoga with Heather

I love that yoga follows you wherever you go! It’s one of the most accessible activities (and just so happens to be my favorite). All you really need is space for a mat.

It’s especially wonderful to practice yoga while on vacation. You’re already at ease, yoga will simply enhance your feelings of rest and relaxation.

Fresh off a flight? What better way to stretch out from sitting in a cramped plane for hours! Your hips are tight from all that sitting.

Yoga Flow for Stress Relief and Flexibility

Yoga for Flexibility | Dashworthy Yoga with Heather
This is the perfect yoga flow to release that tension from your hips and shoulders. Relax and allow the stress to melt away in this refreshing sequence.

You’ll also get a nice stretch in your back and hamstrings. Find length and strength in this sequence.

Set an intention to stay with your breath and body throughout the 35-minute practice.

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