Yoga to Relieve Period Symptoms

Yoga to Relieve Period Symptoms

Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies. But if you experience low back pain, or just want an overall grounding practice, stick around, you will still benefit from this yoga practice.

Oftentimes, when it’s that time of the month, women may experience cramps, low back pain, overall stiffness and soreness. We may become emotional. Not to mention the chocolate cravings (I can’t be the only one!)

With our period can come discomfort. You may want to stay in bed or sweat pants all day. I even have friends who call out of work sick!

I feel your pain. That’s why I created this “yoga for your flow” Vinyasa yoga sequence.

How you will feel after the class:

  • Lower back pain relieved
  • Stress reduced
  • Relaxed
  • Blood pressure lowered
  • Grounded
  • At peace

Without further adieu, here is a 20 minute yoga flow to relieve period symptoms:

Namaste and enjoy beautiful yogis! Please leave any suggestions for other videos you’d like me to film in the future below in the comments.

In love & light,

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